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Dear members and anyone interested in the Sonnenkinderprojekt,

As you have probably noted, all participants in this project are volunteers – i.e. they spend a lot of their spare time working for this project without any financial incentive.
Due to the very positive development since the foundation in 2003 this is only possible following a clear task sharing. This way, each of us has his or her specific duties and is able to provide qualified responses to any enquiries considering this special area. Therefore please check the table on the left to find the right contact person for your individual request.
By the way, we favour e-mail enquiries as they leave us the freedom to deal with your enquiry without time pressure.

Enquiries regarding potential teacher placements should please be directed to the respective school, as we at the Sonnenkinderprojekt can neither offer any placements ourselves nor influence the schools’ decisions.

Many thanks,

your team of Sonnenkinderprojekt


Sonnenkinderprojekt Namibia e.V.
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Arthur Rohlfing

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Financial Director
Elke Heidmann-Putz

Contact between Sponsors and Children
2. Deputy Chairman
Günter Lehmkuhl

Project & Construction Management
Udo Bechtel

Fundraising Events | Support of the German Partner Schools


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1. Deputy Chairman 
Carsten Putz


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