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School sponsorships in Namibia

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Since when does the Sonnenkinderprojekt exist?

Q: How many members does the Sonnenkinderprojekt have?

Q: In which locations in Namibia does the Sonnenkinderprojekt help?

Q: What’s the amount of the sponsorship contribution?

Q: Do I have other options to support the Sonnenkinderprojekt?

Q: How much of the sponsorship contribution actually reaches Namibia?

Q: Direct debiting of the sponsorship contribution

Q: Can I offset the sponsorship contributions against tax?

Q: How long does a sponsorship last?

Q: How does the money reach the children/the schools?

Q: Is it possible to terminate a sponsorship?

Q: Does a regular contact between the sponsors and the children exist?

Q: Is it possible to visit the sponsored children?

Q: : Can sponsored children be invited to Germany?

Q: Why do I sometimes have to wait before being matched with a child for sponsorship?

Q: Can I send packets, letters and presents to Namibia?

Q: Does the Sonnenkinderprojekt provide further information material?


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