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School sponsorships in Namibia

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History and Scope of the Help to date

What happens to your Money?

This is a fair question. First and foremost activity of the Sonnenkinderprojekt is the establishment of school sponsorships, i.e. the sponsors pay the tuition for a specific child to enable him or her to attend school. This money is sent to the schools directly to pay for teachers and teaching material as well as for maintenance expense. No money is sent to the parents or any intermediate organisations. All staff members of the Sonnenkinderprojekt are volunteers; they receive no financial incentive apart from mere expense allowances. Administration expenses include bank fees for the foreign bank transfers, postal charges and the expenses for this website. Our promotion and administration costs are rated as low by the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI), as they lie below 10% of the income. That’s it!

Apart from the school sponsorships we also have sponsors without a relation to a specific child. Their donations are used to support selective projects and measures such as:

- procurement of school uniforms, teaching material (books, notebooks ect.)
- grants for class trips to prevent the exclusion of children

- grants for renovation and extension measures of the schools

- grants for technical equipment (printers, whiteboards etc.)

- “fun days” to increase the sense of community

We answer your questions regarding “seal of approval” and “negotiated agreement” HERE.

This is an example for the use of donations:

New books for the Namib High School


In January an inspection trip including participation in the climate workshop in Swakopmund takes place.
In March the Primary School in Okatale is visited on the occasion of the start of operation of the solar system.
The association has 325 members and has supported 421 children since its foundation.

scope of help:
approx. EUR 54,000

2013 217 children are in the project. We expand by including the M & K Gertze High School in Rehoboth, which makes a total of 6 schools.In March we visit the schools in Windhoek and Rehoboth with a tour group. In autumn the planning for a solar system at the Okatale Primary School in the North of Namibia starts.

scope of help:
approx. EUR 50,000


2012 is characterized by the extension of the project in Swakopmund: We include the Swakopmund Primary School.

scope of help:
approx. EUR 61,000


Generally the objectives of 2010 are still valid for 2011. The main focus lies on the establishment of further school sponsorships. scope of help:
approx. EUR 43,000

The Sonnenkinderprojekt wants to expand and supports another school in Rehoboth. Furthermore, the building of new classrooms at the Augeikhas Primary School remains a big target.

scope of help:
approx. EUR 47,000

The Sonnenkinderprojekt is active in all locations. The Namib High School receives books for the English classes. At the Augeikhas Primary School we would like to build much-needed new classrooms.

scope of help:
approx. EUR 34,000

The Sonnenkinderprojekt supports 180 children, 130 children are in sponsorships. The Sonnenkinder at the Augeikhas Primary School receive their long-awaited school uniforms, the children at the Namib High School are happy about their new winter jackets. All schools have been provided with a four-digit amount for the procurement of much-needed school clothing and teaching material.

scope of help:
approx. EUR 33,000

91 children are taken care of at the NPS and the NHS. Representatives of the Sonnenkinderprojekt examine the use of funds in situ. Windhoek with the Augeikhas Primary School and Lüderitz with the Christian School are included in the project.

scope of help:
approx. EUR 26,300


By now 82 sponsorships could be set up. A group of the Sonnenkinderprojekt visits Swakopmund again to assure themselves of the correct use of funds. The first Namibian children visit their sponsors families in Germany, the Sonnenkinderprojekt provides assistance.

scope of help:
approx. EUR 19,300

The amount of sponsored children increases to 57. The first students leave Namib Primary School and attend Namib High School thanks to the support of their sponsors.

scope of help:
approx. EUR 11,300

The first 36 children are matched with sponsors in Germany who pay the tuition and thus offer the children a real prospect. Members of the Sonnenkinderprojekt visit Namib Primary School to get an idea of the project’s practical work. In December the school Swakopmund receives a donation of 50 t-shirts from Werder Bremen (on the occasion of the championship) which is greeted with great joy. The first school uniforms are paid for.

scope of help:
approx. EUR 7,500

A German tour group under the direction of Arthur Rohlfing vists the Namib Primary School (NPS) in Swakopmund and recognizes the need of the school and their students, respectively. Many parents cannot pay the tuition. Due to 30-40% unemployment and an average income of 120 EUR per month school attendance is an unaffordable luxury for many families. The Sonnenkinderprojekt is founded in Germany, assigning tasks and making contact to the school and possible representatives.



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